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Aviator Game is the newest excitement in online gaming for 2024. You can win big in no time! At Bharat Club, Aviator is powered by Ygauiog and Topbetgaming, our partner’s company, and uses a system that ensures fair play. This guarantees true honesty in today’s gaming world.

How To Play Aviator Game At Bharat Club

bharat club aviator game

Playing the Aviator Game at bharatclub is very simple. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Login your account At official Website.
  2. Look for Aviator Game and click it.
  3. PLACE your bet before the countdown ends and the take-off begins.
  4. WATCH as your potential winnings grow with the Lucky Plane’s ascent.
  5. EARN more by CASHING OUT before the plane flies away!

Just remember, if you don’t cash out before the Lucky Plane flies off, you’ll lose your bet. Aviator is all about excitement! Try it out and you could win big. The choice is yours!

More details.

  • When the Lucky Plane takes off in the Aviator Games, the win multiplier starts at 1x and keeps increasing.
  • The multiplier you cash out at determines your winnings.
  • Before each round starts, we use a completely fair random number generator to decide when the Lucky Plane will fly away.
  • Want to check if everything’s fair? Click on the icon next to the result in the History tab to see for yourself.

Aviator Game Functions

Here are some important features to help you play the Aviator Game without any confusion:

Bet & Cash Out

  • Place Your Bet: Decide how much you want to bet and click the “Bet” button.
  • Double Your Bets: You can make two bets at once. Just click the plus sign at the top right of the first bet panel to add another one.
  • Cash Out: Click the “Cash Out” button to collect your winnings, which is your bet multiplied by the Cash Out multiplier.

Remember, if you don’t cash out before the plane takes off, you will lose your bet.

Auto Play & Auto Cash Out

To activate Auto Play, click the “Auto Play” button in the “Auto” section of the Bet Panel.

  • Stop on Loss: Auto Play will stop if your balance goes down by the amount you set. This is controlled by the “Stop if cash decreases by” option.
  • Stop on Win: Auto Play will also stop if your balance goes up by the amount you choose, using the “Stop if cash increases by” feature.
  • Single Win Limit: If you win more than a certain amount in one go, the “Stop if single win exceeds” function will pause Auto Play.

You can also set Auto Cash Out in the “Auto” section. This will automatically cash out your bet at the multiplier you choose.

Live Bets & Statistics

  • On the left side of the game screen (or just under the Bet Panel on your mobile), you’ll find the Live Bets panel.
  • This shows all the bets happening right now.
  • The “My Bets” panel displays all your bets and their Cash Out information.
  • In the “Top” panel, you can see the game’s stats.

Here, you can check out wins by amount or cash-out multiplier and see the biggest multipliers of the round.


  • Each round’s multiplier in the Aviator games is based on a “Provably Fair” system, making sure it’s completely transparent and fair.
  • You can check and adjust the Provably Fair settings in the Game menu.
  • To see how fair each round is, just click the icon next to the results in the “My Bets” or “Top” sections.

Return to Player

  • The return to player (RTP) rate is 97%. 
  • This means that, on average, the Lucky Plane will take off right at the start in about 3 out of every 100 games.
  • If you have “Auto Cash Out” activated and your internet connection drops while playing the Aviator game, don’t worry—your bet will still automatically cash out at the multiplier you chose.

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